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About Me and my purpose of my page
My name is Josh, I'm from Georgia and I'm 35 as of (2019)…chasing weather is a hobby of mine and has been since childhood , I am a father of three( 2 boys and 1 girl) and a husband to one ( haha). I know a lot about weather patterns and computer models , although I am not a certified meteorologist " yet". I am currently taking courses . when I'm not chasing weather, I'm sleeping haha. I play guitar and tinker around with my GTO, I'm your typical family man. playing baseball and basketball with the kids to listening about" boy stories" from my daughter ..I've created this website solely for one purpose and one purpose only, to help people prepare for any types of weather  ahead of them . yes there are thousands of weather websites and pages , and now there's one more , you can never have to much notice of severe weather.. for instance, I may have mentioned something that the other guys didn't or vice versa and could've help one person, what ever it is . … The tropics are my specialty (Atlantic and gulf of Mexico  ), but I track all severe weather on the east side, although I will track anything on the west if it has affects on the east side of the USA..  
feel free to ask me anything just send me a email  or message on Facebook ..
below is a picture of me and my wife

A few small achievements below

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